Thursday, March 3, 2016

Makeshift Light Table

I have been straying from weaving a bit lately to play with embroidery.  I'm quite happy with my progress but it doesn't make for many weaving blog entries.  I do have a custom guitar strap project in the works and some other recent weavings to speak about, so hopefully I'll post about them soon.

Today I wanted to share about a quick and easy light table I used today.  Not sure how it would apply to weaving, but useful for so many other crafts.

For my embroidery so far I've been transferring by tracing on white cloth what I can see from the printed page underneath.  With my current project there was one section that was too detailed, and the printing to dark/uniform for me to be able to see through.

Solution?  I used the light on my cell phone and placed it under a glass pie plate.  It creates only a small work space but it was plenty for this application.

I used marker and pen to make the parts of the design I was copying more bold.  As you can somewhat see in the next photo, the original picture is filled in with color since it is a picture of a mosaic.  

 Here's the traced result.  Not fantastic but readable which is all I need.  I will neaten it up as I sew.

Happy weaving! or whatever crafting project strikes your fancy at the moment :)