Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Unwanted Fibers

I like to periodically remind my customers that I have cats.  I do store my yarn in bins in a closet that they don't get to go in.  But, as any cat owner knows, the hair gets everywhere.

This is my cat Eli.  He can be super insistent about lap time.  This can make weaving difficult.  But it's okay.  He's a fickle one and generally only stays cozy for 10 minutes then decides the floor would be a better napping spot.

This is Tess.  She loves to be in the photo shoots.  I moved from this apartment a few months ago, so she probably won't be joining me for pictures anymore.

But she will still take control of the yarn whenever she can.

Here the two of them came together beautifully to create a terrific album cover.  Now I just need to learn to play music and start a band!

I kid, and love to show off my furry babies but if you really have a severe allergy to cats, I might not be the weaver for you.  For everyone else, I do my best to pick off all the hair prior to shipping, but I would guess some gets through.  Please forgive my fuzzy friends and their unwanted fiber additions.

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