Monday, January 7, 2013

Which Way Is Up?

So I finally finished the free-form little tapestry I was working on.  I actually finished it a few months ago but I didn't share because I hadn't cut it off the loom yet.  I hadn't cut it down because it was only taking up half the loom and the other half was sitting empty.

Well, I fixed that a lot faster than I imagined I would.  It only took a few weeks from planning to taking down a second tapestry.  I don't feel like I rushed it so I'm really wondering why the little one took so long.

Ever since I finished this, I've been wondering which way is up.

Here is a picture of the orientation I wove it in:

and here's one of it turned over:

Any ideas?

When I put a backing on it I'll put channels at both ends anyway, so it doesn't matter too much.  I haven't decided if I'm selling or keeping it.  It's just so random for keeping, but I'd have no idea how to price/value it for selling.  It was fun to make, but now what? lol

The other tapestry is my wife's fault.  She said I should make tapestries that look like stained glass windows. So here's what I've come up with so far:

The dove's wings ended up looking more like a seagull, in my opinion.  My wife just says it makes it look like the dove is coming out at the viewer.  Given that perspective, the bubbling due to my poor packing skills doesn't seem as bad.  The bowing at the sides will also be less dramatic once I fold over the top and bottom inches for channels.

I still have to sew up the slits and secure the loose threads in the back.  Also, I planned to do the black outlining by embroidering it on afterward, so that still needs to be done.  I'm planning on using a thick yarn for the major outlines and a thin one for the little lines.  This is a fine example of how, instead of finishing up things this break, I just managed to pile up a stack of more things to do.  

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