Sunday, December 30, 2012

Watermelon Pattern

Here's a happy little watermelon pattern to end the year on.  I made this months ago but things have been backing up around here.  Still hoping to get caught up during break but I seem to just be making more projects instead.

I was playing around with some colors and decided they looked a lot like a watermelon. So I designed a watermelon pattern.  At first I almost didn't weave this when I realized the pink weft would peek through on the green rind side or a green weft would leave odd green dots on the pink side.  I went with the pink weft and it turned out its not too bad.  Or at least I don't think it's that bad.  I guess if no one buys it than I'll know I was wrong.  But for that to happen I have to list it, because right now no one is buying it because I am lazy and/or it's been too cold to photograph lately.

Not that that stopped me from taking pictures of the snow:
   This isn't our cactus.  It's in front of a neighbors apartment.  I had already liked the bows they stuck on it for Christmas.  The snow just made it too hard to resist getting a picture.

Here's a picture of the pattern:

I used a lighter pink at the end and made the outer seed white to mimic the fading of a watermelon slice. I used a lighter green to try and give a better transition between the flesh part and the rind.  If I was going to do it again, I would adjust the pattern so the first light green was the first green against the pink.  As shown, the dark green juts into the pink and then the next green is a light one.

Here's the pattern as I wove it:
L  P  P  P  B  P  P  P  P  P  B  B  P  P  P  G  G  S  G  G  G  G  G
  L  P W P   P  P  P B  B  P  P  P  P  P  P  S  G  G  G  G  G  G

Here's the pattern with the correction:

L  P  P  P  B  P  P  P  P  P  B  B  P  P  P  S  G  G  G  G  G  G  G
  L  P W P   P  P  P B  B  P  P  P  P  P  P  G  S  G  G  G  G  G

L = Light Pink
P = Pink
W = White
B = Blue (this is a dark navy. Black would also work but I worried it might stick out to much given the muted pink and green I had chosen)
G = Green (I used a darker, forest green.  More like the dark swirls on the outside of the rind than the green from a side view of a slice)
S = Sage (couldn't use L again for light green.  This might actually be sage color but it doesn't have to be. Just any lighter green)

So there it is.  Feel free to use or modify it as you like.  Simplified watermelon patterns don't often include the white seeds that I've noticed.  You could probably leave them off here as well. However, I feel they white really helps make it actually a watermelon, rather than a random pattern.  I think they white seeds need to be included since the weaving lacks the shape of a watermelon, so something else is needed to help convey the idea. and I'm probably over-thinking it so whatever.

New years resolution. Try and update more than once a month or at least have real content every month!  We'll see how that goes.  Happy New Year everyone!

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