Monday, November 26, 2012


I rather dislike doing a filler update post, but I would be more unhappy to let a month go by with no posting. So far I have had Something to post at least once a month since I started this blog.

So my update is this:  I've been busy.  lol.  To sum things up, I'm a pre-med 2 weeks from finals and I need to find a job for over the break.  Not complaining, just really busy.

In weaving news, I've been trickling out products over the semester.  Taking time to finish the ends and then photograph is another matter.  I finally got around to posting a couple things this weekend but it took it being Thanksgiving for me to find the time.  Then I discovered I'd forgotten I have two guitar straps entirely completed that I could have photographed at the same time.

So there is weaving going on.  And even a bit of sewing.  I'll continue to trickle them out as best I can.

I'm planning on attempting some more videos during Christmas break.  I want to do a series on how to make an inkle loom as well as some weaving tips I've picked up over the years.

So that's what's up.  Hopefully I'll do a real blog post next month.  For more regular, but much more mini posts, check out my Tumblr page.

I will leave you now with a picture of Eli and his giant bell.

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