Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Variegate Surprise

How quickly a variegate changes color impacts the final pattern a lot.  It can also matter how long your warp set up is as this will change where the colors lie next to each other from one warp to the next.  (this assumes a continuous warp)

Often I just let the colors do what they will.  Sometimes I don't like the results.  Other times it's great.

and sometimes it's bacon.
Blue bacon this time, so I called it Smurf bacon.  Then I realized that would be copy right infringement and I changed the description to just mentioning Smurfs.  hope that's allowable

The yarn for this was Peaches and Cream in a cone size.  I don't have the label anymore so I don't know the exact color.  The length of my warp was about probably 19 to 20 feet.  I made three 6 foot straps.  Each strap would need a couple extra inches for hems and there would have been shrinkage and waste.  The warp might have been as long as 25 feet.  I don't know anymore unfortunately.

For another strap I decided to line up the colors.  Every warp I cut the yarn and tied it back at roughly the same point in the color pattern.  I probably could have adjusted the warp length so the colors would line up, but, well, I didn't.

The length of the color change worked really well for the intended products.  It was a fluke that it turned out this way but I hope I can recreate it.  The warp was the same length as the blue one above.  The yarn was Sugar 'n Cream Naturals.  I called these ombre since that seems to be a thing now.

This last one is an example of when it didn't turn out so well.  I didn't realize at first the grey had a bit of color change to it.  I tried to rearrange the warps to lessen the white/black division but I still don't like it.  In the future I would want two separate balls and I would alter between them.  With long distance tone changes like this one you also have to be concerned with maintaining symmetry.  It's not awful but it does add work.

The grey yarn is Special Twirl dK by Stylecraft.  color - Slate 1655

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