Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dream Catchers

The Artist's Helping Hands project this month is dream catchers.  They will be given as prizes for children competing in the Special Olympics.  For more information, check out the team forum:
There is still time to join in.  The team leader is asking for donations to be sent by September 15.

What I have discovered thus far is that I am not a basket weaver and I never will be.  On the plus side I had an excuse to cut down the crepe myrtle that I hate.  For any defenders of the plant (people around here seem to love them) note 2 things.

1 - it grows in front of the patio gate.  Not that we use the gate really but it's the principle of the matter.  There was plenty of other fence length it could have chosen.  2 - They seem to trigger my allergies the most of the plants around here. Despite traveling a lot, I've never seen them in other parts of the country.  I'm guessing they're only popular here because they're hard to kill and Texas is good at killing off most plants.

Here's what's left of the silly thing.

I managed to make about a dozen hoops/rings from this plant and from cuttings off my porch tree.  Before you go wondering that you've never heard of a porch tree, that's not a species name.  I don't know what kind of tree it is.  It grows from the crack in the cement between my porch and the neighbors.  Horrible for the patio I'm sure, but it was here when we moved in and I like the shade.

I think I learned a bit from making these.  Not anything worthy of sharing though.  Just enough to know this is not something I am likely to do often.  I think I will have to reinforce some of these with stem wire.  I'll be covering part or all of the hoop with yarn wrapping.  I'm not sure how that will work yet but I saw one tutorial where you soak the yarn in watered down white glue.  That's what I'm going to try.

Another team member, Gwen, generously agreed to trade me some beads for yarn.  She made some of the beads herself.  I'm excited to get to see them.  They should be arriving later this week.

The feathers will be what I have from when I was making cat toys.  I might use crochet thread for the webbing portion.  I hope these turn out okay.  The kids deserve to have them be nice.  I'll post again when I've got them finished.

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