Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Monster Cuffs

I made a pair of cuff bracelets for my wife.  You know what she said?  They need googly eyes and teeth.  Really?

So now I have monster cuffs in my shop.  They make me giggle the entire time I'm making them, photographing them and creating the listings.  They're just so silly.

For the first couple, I used regular felt for the teeth.  I sewed the edges down so it wouldn't fray.

Since making the green ones, I discovered stiff felt.  I'm the type to overdo things so they won't come undone.  So I double the stiff felt and glue them together with gorilla glue.

I glue the eyes on with hot glue.  I had trouble a couple times with this glue.  I've melted the eyes more than once.  One had a finger-printed blobby spot I had to cut off where it had squished out onto the button.  And then there's always the annoying stringyness of this glue.

However, I tried switching to gorilla glue and it didn't work well.  It didn't set quickly enough.  I was also much more concerned with glue seeping out from under the eye.  Gorilla glue dries an ugly yellowish-white color that would be very noticeable.  So now I'm back to hot glue.

The teeth are just sewn on wherever I can fit them around the yarn loops.  For this one I tried a different tooth pattern.

In the future I am considering things like wings and horns but I haven't figured them out yet.  I also want to make vampire fangs but they don't work with the loop closures.

This guy is my favorite.  He reminds me of a Muppet.

My wife doesn't like to talk about my weaving very much, but then she keeps giving me these great ideas.  I think she's working against herself. 

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