Sunday, June 24, 2012

Yarn Scrapbook

I have made what is quite possibly the world's ugliest scrapbook.  I don't need it to be pretty though.  I made it to keep track of the yarns I have used.

I tend to dislike listing new items because when I use a lot of novelty yarns, I will forget what exactly is in a particular weaving.  I feel it's important to let the customers know the fiber content for allergy and preference reasons.  So I'll often find myself getting up from the computer to rummage through a bin or shelf, to try and find the labels for the yarn I used.

I often ball my yarn so the labels will get misplaced.  Then I have random labels floating around that I can't remember what yarn they came from.  The more new yarns I play with, the worse it gets.

I decided to compile them in a book.  I used one of those composition books.  A binder might be better because the yarn causes the book to not lay flat, but I had it around.  I did not put them in any particular order.  With a binder I could have rearranged them by type or alphabetical order or brand, etc.

Here's a couple sample pages:

This book will be useful to remind me what exactly a yarn look liked.  For instance, I might remember something had eyelash style yarn, but how long were the fibers?  How often is the color change in a variegate?  If I wanted to buy something again, what was the color name floral based or a food?

I also included price tags when I had them.  Receipts would work too. I can use the price info if I need to buy retail for a custom order.  Having the yardage is helpful.  Sometimes it's easy to forget how quickly a bulky yarn can be used up.

If you're the type to use a lot of yarns and might want to remember your favorites more easily, I would recommend making yourself some sort of reference book.  It takes a few hours to make at first, but keeping it updated with new yarns is easy.  You might be surprised by how big it gets.  I know I was.  My book is 50 pages front and back, and several of the pages have multiple colors of the same yarn.  And I know I have more new yarns in my stash that won't get added until I use them.

So no more bags and piles of loose labels.  Make a yarn scrapbook instead!