Monday, April 30, 2012

Yoga Straps

I'll admit, this post is mostly so that I've posted at least once in April.  I'm thinking of making this more of an update blog like other weavers blogs I've seen.  I'll still throw in tips and patterns as they seem appropriate.  It's just I'm having trouble coming up with content when I try to informative rather than just blogging like a normal person.

So, to explain the title, I'm planning on making yoga straps soon.  I have completed one band for this purpose already and another is on the loom now.  I'm making them from worsted weight cotton.  This will make them plush and comfy while still being strong and durable.  They should also be washable which I imagine is a good thing.

I got the idea from my mother-in-law who saw yoga mat straps in a store and excitedly texted me saying I could make them.  I might make the mat straps in the future too.  I'm starting with the 6 foot straps because they should be able to duel purpose as mat straps.  They are also very similar to the belts I've already been making.  I need to purchase some larger D rings but you can expect to see these in my shop very soon.

In other weaving news, the tapestry has been neglected since I posted about it.  Sometimes I look at it longingly when on my computer.  Then I think about how easy it is to get lost weaving it for hours and how very much studying I need to do.  Someday...

I've been updating my website:
I hope it's more readable now.  I'm also throwing a few items into a store front there that won't be in my Etsy shop.  This is to compare visibility.  I'm starting it as a backup and possible replacement since Etsy seems to be having some issues right now.  I won't go into tedious details.  If you're curious, check out the forums.  There's plenty of people ranting.

I've also been more active on Twitter.  Follow me, @pegboardloom for updates to every other site I'm on.  Is it just me or is Twitter just weird?  It feels like I'm talking to myself.  And then randomly strangers have started following me.  Which in the real world would be all stalker weird right?  So it's like I'm just walking down the street muttering aloud what I'm going to do today and there's people hovering nearby that may or may not be paying attention to what I'm saying.  I dunno.  Just weird.  But it takes hardly any effort so I'll keep doing it even if I don't understand.

And lastly, I've joined Tophatter.  For updates on when I'm in an auction, follow me on Twitter.  I'm keeping those updates off of Facebook so as not to over clutter peoples news feeds there.  Still not sure how great Tophatter is but it seems to get me some exposure so I'll keep at it for now.

Happy April everyone.  I'm off to study some more.

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