Sunday, March 11, 2012

Faux Flecked

I was playing around with patterns that are partially symmetrical and partly not.  I made this band:
In the dark purple stripe, the first and last warps of that section are doubled.  By this I mean I used two strands of yarn in the same shed where normally there would only have been one.  It's similar to using a thicker strand of yarn, which you can see the results of in the middle section.

The double strands allowed the weft to be seen just a little.  Because they were in different sheds on this band the result was a bit of a zig-zag.  I thought this ended up pretty neat and wanted to try it some more on other projects.

On the next band I used a variegate wool that was a thinner weight yarn than the warp.  I think it was sold to be used for knitting socks.

The result was a look that to me seems similar to using yarn that has flecks of color.  But instead of all the yarn having the flecks, you can control where the color variation is and where it isn't.  It ended up a very subtle effect on this band.  Perhaps with yarns that contrast more the effect would be greater.

The middle stripes yarn is a variegated ribbon yarn.  The flecks in the black are a ladder yarn interspersed within solid black yarn.  All the little bits of color in the green are from the wool weft.  It shows up most on the edges.  If you look closely you can see that the three lines it forms elsewhere are a result of the green warps being doubled up.  It's hardest to see in the middle row because the warps there liked to stack on top of each other for some reason, rather than squishing in side by side.

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