Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cat Themed Exchange

So this isn't really weaving related, but I wanted to share my kitties new clothes.

Recently I was featured in an Etsy treasury showing off cat items:

Well, my wife has been saying for months that our boy cat, Eli, needs a little bow tie and it should have the little shirt collar too.  He's got a long neck, pointy little head and when he sits, a dumpy largish body.  This somehow equals needing a bow tie.

So I was rather excited when I saw there was a seller on Etsy making bow tie collars for cats that are just perfect!  http://www.etsy.com/shop/CedarCreekOriginals

I then saw that they charge exactly the same for their collars as I do for my cat toys.  I decided to take a chance and see if they would be up for a trade.  And she was!  So we talked a bit back and forth, exchange addresses and then items :)

Once the little monster stopped trying to eat it, he looked great.  I'm not saying the collars make cats try to eat them.  My cat just tries to eat everything new.  I don't store my yarn in containers to keep off the hair and smell.  I do it to keep it from ending up inside a cat.  He also eats socks and t-shirts.  stupid cat.

Here's a couple pictures of him.  They aren't the best but I'd worked him up a bit chasing him around with the camera.

So, if you have a cat in need of formal attire, be sure to check out Cedar Creek Originals.  The collar is very well constructed and it fit perfectly.  I think it could be used for an everyday collar but I don't trust my cat.  If he ever got it off he'd eat it.  So we're saving it for when people come over.  It's fast and easy to put on because of the velcro clasp.

Oh, and if anyone's wondering, his name is short for El-ahrairah, the trickster hero of the rabbits in Watership Down.  Just sayin' since most people seen to assume it's a religious name.  It kind of is I guess.  Just for rabbits.

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