Monday, February 27, 2012

Video about my loom

I made a video describing the features of my inkle loom which I made out of pegboard.

This isn't changing into a video blog.  However, I'd noticed it's been a month since I've posted here.  I have a couple of posts in mind but I've been busy.  So here's a video link to tide you over.

As I was posting the video I noticed there are no other videos showing how to make a loom.  Since I found all my information online when I was originally designing my first loom, I assumed I had found videos as well.  Apparently not.  You can learn how to warp, how to load a shuttle, how to tablet weave, how to do pick-up weaving and how to pick which Schact loom you like.  But make one yourself?  Is it really true no one has a use for this type of tutorial or is it just that no one has bothered to yet?

I think it's the latter because there are many, many blog posts showing how to make an inkle loom.  Or at least people showing off the ones they made.  There's very little going into why one would choose certain features or make it a certain size.  So I intend to make two more videos.  One should give the idea behind different features and hopefully a person could come away knowing how to make any type of inkle loom they want.  The second would show the construction of an inkle loom from pegboard.  It would be more of a step-by-step then what I've listed here.

I would encourage anyone else who has made their own loom to post at least a short video about it.  Maybe others that are thinking about it will be more confident when they see others say it's not that hard.  It really isn't difficult.  It's an L-shaped piece of wood with some dowels stuck in it.  My carpentry skills are nil and I still pulled it off twice.  So if you don't have a loom yet or want one that suits you better, just make one!