Monday, December 26, 2011

Shorter Tablet Weaving Tested

I've made a couple shorter tablet woven bands without too much difficulty on my loom.  The trick of only having a couple of turns works.  I can get a band 2 yards and 2 feet long in thick cotton by going around the outside of my loom.

Since I was testing the technique, I decided to keep the pattern simple and just made arrows.  I still managed to  mess it up a bit at first and had to rewarp a couple of threads.

It's a really simple pattern.  4 cards.  sszz (or zzss, it's been awhile since I wove this, sorry.  It's pretty easy to switch if the sszz is wrong.  Just weave a row or two and see if it looks right)  The outer cards get the accent color in hole A.  The middle two get it in B or D.  The cards move continuously forward.  The weft is a different accent color.

The backside looks like this:

so if that's what you get, it's not wrong, it's just upside down.  If it really bugs you, I think weaving continuously backwards will switch which side you see as you weave.

I used the smaller keychain rings mentioned in an earlier post.  They didn't spin freely on their own but it was easy to rotate them by hand.  I do not think it added any time overall to the band.  The time it took to detension was made  up for by each row being longer than on plain weave bands.

This site is where I got the hardware for my guitar straps.  They have cast nickel rings.  I'm thinking next time I order from them I'll throw some of those in too.  Then I'll be able to try wider tablet bands.  I think they'll spin better than the split rings.  They're definitely cheaper.

I don't think 2 yards is really long enough to make trim so I won't bother anymore unless someone asks me too.  I made a band from some wool, nylon blend meant for knitting socks and an unknown, possibly wool, yarn.  When it was done it just seemed to want to be bracelets.  That got me into making bracelets.  I've made a couple bands I think will look really nice as cuffs or bracelets.  There are a couple in my shop now.  More will be added after New Years.

These are more time consuming than I'd expected but fairly simple to make.  I sew a button on a bit less than an inch from one end.  Then I fold that inch over and sew it in place to cover the stitching from the button and to secure that end from unraveling.  Then the other end is folded over to prevent fraying.  I make a braid from the same yarn that was used to make the band.  A small piece of this braid is sewn on in a loop that will fit over the button to hold it on.

So that's mostly what I've been up to lately.

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