Sunday, December 18, 2011

2-Horse Origins

I had a person ask me once if my shop name was Native American in origin.  I was rather surprised by the question and then thought about it and guess it could be seen that way.  Without any background it is sort of an odd name.  Well, like every good American I do have some small percentage of Native American in me.  I've also got a good mix of pretty much all of Europe, east, west and north.  My Indian heritage consists of basically one Delaware lady who hooked up with a guy from one of the Mayflowers' sister ships.

So, no, my name isn't Native American inspired.  It's from a silly cartoon I came up with in pre-calc in highschool. I was doodling and created a cartoon horse out of the number two.  The two has to be drawn with a loop and that becomes the horses' muzzle. The rest of the 2 is most of the outline for the right eye.  Not being very creative with names I called it 2-horse.  Why he has such spiky hair I have no idea.  He's also apparently in a state of constant bewilderment.  This is likely due to him being born in pre-calc.  Actual calculus is easier.  I never did understand those stupid matrices.  bah

Here's a picture of the cartoon:
A few years back I got into printmaking briefly.  I had taken a couple classes and rather enjoyed it.  It feels kinda like cheating drawing wise.  I can take my mediocre drawing skills and make rather decent prints.  It was fun when my wife taught me a few photoshop tricks and I would edit photos to be fantasy art, reduce the colors and then make plates for each color and print them.  I didn't have or want to make a silkscreen so I just used freezer paper, cut the holes with an x-acto knife and used a sponge brush to apply the paint.  It's something I'd like to get back into but haven't lately.  

I showed some of my art at the art shows of some science fiction conventions.  Only sold a few so it wasn't that great financially for me but it was still fun.  I think a large part of why I stopped is I absolutely hate cutting matboard.  Cut hundreds of tiny holes precisely in freezer paper?  no problem.  Cut a couple straight lines in matboard?  Drove me crazy.  It'd make me so mad trying to get it even and with nice straight lines and no overcutting.  That stuff is expensive too.  Anyway, the point is, to show my work I decided I needed a name.  Everyone remotely serious was a studio of some sort.  Lacking creativity in the naming department I pondered a bit and then said meh, whatever, I'll just be 2-Horse Studios.  

Here's one of my more complicated prints.  I wish I had a file of the bat kitty but apparently I didn't save it.

Pixie sized winged horses are something I've been drawing since I was little.  They just make more sense to me.  I like the distinctly horse shape while being more flight capable.  I'm particularly fond of the vestigial front legs.

Recently Etsy let people change there shop name which I took advantage of.  I switched to 2-Horse Weaving so people could have a clearer idea of what I sell.  Studios sounds better for photography.  I'll continue the theme if I ever get to make more comfrey balm by creating another Etsy shop 2-Horse Apothecary.  I just have to figure out how to grow such a large plant in the house without it being in the way or the cats getting to it.  The plant has huge leaves and likes moisture and full shade.  Sticking it outside in Texas does not seem like a good idea.

So that's my names origin.  I'm too lazy to come up with a new one and it's unique so why not.  I finally got around to drawing a more realistic cartoon as my logo for my Facebook page and my shop icon.  Of course every site wants a different size.  I'm still working on a banner for the store but I'm pretty happy with the one I made as my FB profile picture.

So, if you've ever wondered what a horse weaving looks like, here you go:
If you're wondering about the loom, check out my website to see what the loom I use looks like.

I kept his green hair which I'm sure will confuse people.  Other's will probably ask why there's only one horse when the name is 2 horse.  Guess they'll just have to wonder.  Or read this post.

I'll try to post again next week before I leave town for a couple weeks.  I've been working on a a few new things that I want to blog about.  But so frequently I'll noodle around on FB or something, then feel guilty that I've already been on the computer too long.  Now I'm off to weave a Christmas present I've delayed too long on.

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