Sunday, September 11, 2011

'That' Celtic Knot Pattern - Part 1

So if you've poked around at finding weaving patterns at all, I would guess you've come across this pick-up pattern for a simple Celtic knot.  

I wove this pattern once, as my second project ever.  Then I was bored with it.  I find it simply doesn't have much to offer.  

I tried again with some rag rug yarn several projects later.  The project went super fast and I enjoyed the colors but once it was done, I still felt rather meh about the whole thing.

So it sat there.  Tempting with it's potential awesome but mocking because I knew it would never live up to it.  

I saw other peoples play on it.  They stop and start the pattern, which is pretty cool and I've been tempted to try.  And they play with various colors and variegates.  Which is fun but I've been having more fun with my mottled color patterns.

Well, I've tried again.  In the month since I last blogged I have been working on one project.  I decided the one thing I haven't seen others try is to put this pattern in a skinny crochet thread.  Perhaps that's because noone bothers to put Any pickup in crochet thread but I've done it once before and knew what I was getting into.  (I still _really_ want it off my loom already, but I'm in the homestretch now.)

I went skinnier because I finally figured out what bothered me about this pattern.  It's a trim pattern.  Ya, it makes an okay belt but I really think it's best as trim.  But it's bound to it's 13+26+border wide dimensions.  Unlike the diagonals I've been playing with, there's no adjusting the width.  Except by changing the yarn.

It might not really be worth it, since you can buy this as trim for around $2 a yard in nice bright metallic colors.  And it takes a long time to weave.  But I'm fairly happy with the results.

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