Tuesday, May 24, 2011

First Good Tablet Weaving

This is the first cardweaving project I have gotten to come out correctly. I tried a couple times before with patterns that required flipping cards to get anything besides horizontal stripes but I couldn't get a handle on when to flip and when, if ever, to switch the direction of rotation. Also my old inkle loom couldn't handle the increase in tension. Cardweaving bands shrink in length more than plain weave.

This pattern, found at http://housebarra.com/EP/ep04/22tablet.html , is a built in pattern (meaning you never have to flip cards over) It was still frustrating to get started. I wove and unwove the first ten or so passes several times trying to figure out when to make the first reversal in direction.

One of my problems is I have yet to find anyone define which way is up and which is down. So many patterns say start weaving in the up direction and then rotate down but on a more or less horizontal weaving, which way is up? I sort of guessed but with a threaded in pattern it was difficult to know where in the pattern I was at the beginning.

It was good to learn that I can do tablet/card weaving on this inkle loom. I tied the warps from each card in bundles in a knot that could be easily undone. This came in handy because everything I've seen shows the outermost cards need to always move in one direction. Any change in direction causes an ugly uneven edge to the band. Moving always in the same direction builds up tension so every now and again I untied the bundle, untwisted the yarn and retied.

This was a little time consuming but it did make for a pretty edge. I also have to be careful and plan when to release tension because I needed to be able to reach the knots. If they were too far into the middle of the loom it was rather annoying and difficult to tie properly.

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